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London signwriter Nick Garrett passes on over 30 years of painted type knowledge through these popular workshops.

Teaching since 2013 with great signwriting workshops, extended courses and focused one-to-one training. Loads of support and gemstones.

“Learning to signwrite is made easier with comprehensive, essential creative training. It’s big fun in the studio and once you get the harmony going with the brush everything starts poppin’! 

Dreams know no boundaries.


A Design-bASED Signwriting Course

for the Sign Art product developer or the Ladder-based Signslinger

People say they really feel the fun and passion in what we do... that's so important.

Nick - NGS


Creative freedom + SOLID PRO START-up


enjoy the best brush tricks!

we have so much goodstuff to share in the studio

AN Amazing art
A big Fresh start


Whether you’re looking to start out as a professional sign writer or heading here to have some fun with paint; we start at the very beginning and build you up with sound, reliable brush mechanics. So expect to earn well from what you learn well and take away lots of smiley practice besides!

start your sign Design practice & glossy pro Portfolio

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LEARN The 3 Essential Hand Painted skills

Shape | Sharpness | sexy Type design

Focused explanations, useful variations and great applications

Escape the computer and paint some icons! Combine your creativity with new, high-demand, hands-on skills. It will re-ignite your passion for design and change your everyday practice forever. These 3 types of type hold your success key.

We will show you how to paint 3 key typefaces: London Johnston, Shoreditch Dom Casuals and London Romans. All amazing, timeless letter-forms that power-up your Instapose! I’ll show you how.


Thinking about where this course can take you? Signsmiths Hall of Fame link shows you just a few of our amazing artists who have shared the studio and gone on to incredible career success.


OM! Discover A BIT OF Hidden Zen IN signwriting

And other random acts of signfullness!

Signwriting starts with a fair bit of mindfulness. Learn a simple breath meditation trick to help create a steady hand. We share a great relaxation technique on Day 1.

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boom! the incredible foundations of type, shared

Trajan Roman was cut 2000 years ago and yet today it’s the worlds greatest and widely used lettering. Way before Fonts and Gutenberg press, Roman craftsmen were painting these beautiful letters with the flat brush, then carving them out of stone.

Learning how the alphabet was constructed from a signwriter’s point of view will allow you to truly understand the anatomy of most letter-forms and spacing from this amazing letter.


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Yep you can paint great letters!

Which course appeals and what you'd like to achieve.
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