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2 Day itinerary




10:00 - 17:30

Day 2. Meet at the studio. Gather ideas and start really powering ahead with your lettering. It's amazing how much we learn on a nights sleep! Fine tune the skills from the day before and learn how to add flair to get those letters popping!



10:00 - 17:30

Induction at the studio. Meet Nick and your classmates. Get stuck in with the basics of lettering; sketching, tracing techniques and preparing materials. Live Demos of brush control for different styles of essential lettering from Nick Garrett himself! Next we pick up the brush and get painting! Practice makes perfect!

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Demos are super important - watching is learning

‘I learned some stuff from Youtube by watching and painting what I thought I had seen. That’s just so not the same as watching Nick - it’s mesmerizing and he shows you EXACTLY how it gets done…’’

Taylor, USA Mini Apprenticeship 2019


Experience your Next level skills

I apply a huge amount of dedication to course development… it shows you the absolute method of solid brush control and stays ahead of trend in modern taught sign painting techniques with custom learning material.

Some of the things you’ll Learn


About Pricing

Learn how to price up jobs to start your own business as a professional sign writer.



Using top-notch kit, learn the preciseness of paint mixing and learn what materials you will need, to continue practicing after the course


Ouch! Sharp Corners!

Learn how to perfect those corners with special techniques and with guidance from Nick himself.



We’ll get you lusting for the brush and getting that Oneshot enamel running hot with:

London Blocks, Johnston/Gill/Gotham, Trajan Roman, Bodini/Didot Casuals & Freehand Paper sign Scripts

X Rate your Bold Drop Shadows and Shades




First objective of this programme is to get your letters super sharp.

Secondly to get your on-site set-up and roll-out skills second nature, so you will impress and gain confidence.

Thirdly to instill all the essential parts of this amazing profession. Central to this sound core is to get your preparation and problem-solving skills into full swing. Dynamic project planning and problem-solving skills are absolutes out there.

Design Thinking: This week moves you into a professional high performance mindset. It will set you on course doing things the right way.

OMG And for a few laughs I will show you also what happens when you do a few key things the wrong way!!


Try our Five day course or NGS Mini Apprenticeship with specialism ADD-ONs and/or NGS NCC DIPLOMA ACCREDITATION. The advantage of rolling into further studies is to embed learning material whilst having something valid to add onto a glowing CV.

Love Hate Social Club London.

Love Hate Social Club London.



Meet NEW-PRO Didier Aka ‘Chalky Uk’

Didier Cuzzolin New pro NGS Signsmiths.jpg

About 2 years ago I left my job determined to learn new skills and
eventually start my own sign writing business.

I found Nick's workshop and what caught my attention at the time was the fact he seemed to be the only one to offer a grasp of what life is like out there as a
professional, as opposed to focus solely on the technique to produce
beautiful letters.

Don't worry though, there's plenty of technical
details to be picked up by drawing and painting, listening to Nick and
watching him in action.

What I got out of it, was knowledge, confidence, skills, support and
new pals (Nick himself, and other great people gravitating around the

I'm now working full time as a sign painter and chalkboard writer,
still learning but feeling good and confident.

Thanks buddy,


Tell us a bit about your lettering passion. What you'd like to do and when.
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