My path to becoming a professional signwriter properly began in Nick’s weekender class in Sydenham. I had a job booked to do a fascia and was relying on my Art Degree to paint it. Thankfully I booked a class at NGS and Nick showed me everything i needed to know so that the job would run smoothly.


The class was fantastic. I learnt tons about the history of lettering, special sign painting techiques and how to actually work as a sign painter in the real world. The sign came out great and i continued working with Nick on his apprenticeship scheme.


We have continued to work together on a ton of projects both individually, together and with other sign writers on a whole range of different sign painting jobs. Its given me the ability to go fully freelance and work with creative freedom. Knowing its a job that you can take anywhere in the world gives me a massive injection of inspiration. I’m massively grateful to Nick for all the sign writing knowledge he has passed on to me I would definitely recommend taking on a course at NGS.