day 1-2

START @ 10AM + 5.30PM • 

The first 2 days are joined with the Weekend study. All intro, tools and materials drawing, painting techniques are honed as per the renowned Painted Letters tradition: concise mechanics, nailed.

The difference is that in the last 2 hours of the Sunday session we take the 5 Day crew into a whole new level of focus. New brush types, and moving from 100% to a new 200% focus. It’s as simple as that - next level.



START @ 10AM + 5.30PM A.S. Handovers suppliers visit

Monday morning (I love Mondays) takes us to Dalston to meet Charlotte and the crew at A. S. Handovers took grab some gear and drool over all the amazing stuff in the signwriter’s shop of shops. Then it’s back to the studio to take on shading and outlining techniques.



START @ 10AM + 5.30PM LIVE on site

Tuesday morning (I love Tuesdays more than Mondays) takes us out on site shadowing sign master Nick as he walks through a typical project for real.

This really shows you the application of all the strategies for real. You’ll also be going live and assisting the production process.




Wednesday morning and you have the whole day to work on blending and surface gilding techniques and recap on fine tuning you.

Day 5 is all about you - you feeling more freedom than ever and pulling new ideas out of the bag. We then do finish strong, celebrate and consume beer.

YEARNING 4 EARNING? this course is for you

Just 1.75 days of professional practice will pay for this total course investment.

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