Does this suit beginners?

Yes absolutely no creative experience necessary. The course has been specifically designed to allow any new joiner to start with a clean sheet and gain all from the go. It’s based around solid mechanics not creative genius.

We have a mix of approx 20% new starters and the rest in a varied mix of creatives, some of which have previous experience, so you will be among people who will offer support and bring a lot of energy and ideas to the room. My guest crew members Nina Cornwall, Didier Cuzzolin, Hannah Dickens and Jon Rowntree also drop in and add terrific input and perspective to the day.

Will I need to bring anything?

Just bring mojo as we have all equipment in house so you won’t need to go out last minute shopping. If you wish to bring your kit then that is also a good idea.

Travel and places to stay?

We are just 150m from Sydenham station so links are very good. Do check ahead with TFL for any London-wide rail disruption.

I do have some very local BNBs that come highly recommended so just ask for info.

do you provide design group courses?

Yes we also provide custom courses for design departments and group bookings. Email for more details.


Yes we prefer to send out our fees as the course is based on personal contact and we maintain it’s a much bigger gift than the shopping cart can hold. Our fees are an investment in yourself and with these new skills you’ll sort that investment with a blink, as you head out into pro practice. With only one or two days work in your chosen field your fees will be fully recouped.

Do you offer apprenticeships?

In January 2019 we are launching our Mini Apprenticeship program. 2 weeks of full immersion training that will take you from a new start to a new pro with a strategy in place to gain work. We’ll also put you in contact with 3 clients as you go out on your way. Damn good people we all are!! Let’s do it.


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Here to give you support and confidence to grow.