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NEW exciting courses booking now with Seraina


A Silk Screen Weekender course for all!


We are delighted to announce a fab new screen printing workshop starting in 2020 at our Margate studio.

Join our amazing new course instructor Seraina Baumgartner and learn to make great silk screen printed pressies. With over a decade of experience across to screen print industry this weekend is a real treat.


Seraina is our artist in residence, a master printer with analogue and digital design full stack, gilding and sign painting skills all on board Baaam! You’ll find her training a mix of great communication, ideas galore, relaxed fun, detailed and focused skills building.

Direct contact

2 Days - Sat/Sun

10.00am 5.30pm


For more info contact Seraina:

Whatsapp on: +44 (0)7960113799

Paypal Deposit 85.00 to