Chloe Tickner completed her 5 day Signwriting course and joined us as a pro trainee in 2017. She’s now a signpainter proper!

Chloe Tickner completed her 5 day Signwriting course and joined us as a pro trainee in 2017. She’s now a signpainter proper!


THE amazing 5 DAY NGS lettering COURSE

Daily Start Time 10.00am Finish 5.30pm (save for Live Projects)

Ask Nick about fees and availability.

+44 (0) 7960113799

NGS, Suite 108, Regent House Business Centre
291 Kirkdale, London SE26 4QD

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You want to do this?

I always work so hard for my students. I keep the new users’ needs in sharp focus.

You can sign up here and get on the brush.

The First go-To Pro Signwriting course IN London • Live projects

Visit sign writing suppliers • optional gilding • ‘Work Manual’ & Posters

Read on!

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A Course designed to work, THIS COURSE IS PROVEN

200+ new pros Trained

No Bullshit Proper Signwriting

‘‘If you learn the right way you’ll be taught to use the brush and mahl stick - end of story. The focus of this course is to teach you brush skills and sharp, clean pro-finish.

This isn’t about making a souvenir panel it’s about making you successful.

Real sign-writing fully explained in this course designed to set you up as a newbie pro writer. The hundreds of artists we’ve taught and helped launch are out there.


Here’s something that blew me away in January 2019:

There is a strong argument for the 5 days coined by Faye, when she really nailed it in the very hours of the last day.

She really jumped the gap and started producing sharp, beautiful letters in the last 2 hours of Day 5.

‘‘If I’d done just the weekender I’d have probably given up.’’

That Day 5 game-changer has given her a new career start and enormous confidence.

you’ll learn THE Process step-by-step

Learning with NGS Signsmiths is a great move because we are geared to building you a genuine foundation for a professional signwriting practice.

Whether studio based or on-site live in wind, sun or rain, you will definitely be going to the next level with this tailored, clear, easy-to-acquire signwriting training.

Yep it’s easy with a sound mechanical approach that we’ve locked down.

The 5 Day course difference: in the last 2 hours of the Sunday session we start to take the 5 Day crew to the next level.

You’ll be shown the refined brush skills and process taking you to the next level.

The first 2 days are the seriously successful 2 day Weekend study programme. All tools and materials are top quality which help you immensely.

Teaching system is now well defined (nay proven!) and geared to your needs and interests.

eXTRA AREA OF STUDY: Gold Leaf Techniques

Optional add-on (Fees Apply to this additional area of study)

Learn how to reverse glass gild. We’ll supply a glass panel and teach you to clean it (really clean!) and apply your chosen design, in reverse and in mirror gold.

Secrets explained

This is a tremendously valuable technique and you walk away with a beautiful memento (or 3) from the course. There are a few closely guarded secrets we’ll share with you. Secrets that allow you to create perfect Crystal Victorian mirror gilding like no other.

Live DemoS get you close-up

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Quick form

Tell us a bit about your lettering passion. What you'd like to do and when.


As a 5 star student, you’ll get a copy of the ‘Bones of Painted Letters’ by Nick Garrett which maps out the whole workshop, stroke by stroke! It’s a fantastic gem of a book.

  • 86 Pages of pure Process based techniques

  • Muscle memory tricks

  • History and superb alphabets.

  • Intro by Noel Weber and ‘last word’ by David Adrian Smith.

On site
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Some of the things you’ll Learn




About Pricing


On the Brush


Ouch!! Sharp Corners


Smooth Brush Technique


X Rate your Bold Drop Shadows and Shades


YEP Crystal Victorian Reverse


is an Option!!

Gilding for Fred Perry

Gilding for Fred Perry


5 Day itinerary



10:00 - 17:30

Induction and Fees. Get stuck in with the basics of lettering; sketching, tracing techniques and preparing materials.
Next we pick up the brush and get painting!



10:00 - 17:30

Day 2 and you can gather ideas and start really powering ahead with your lettering. It's amazing how we learn on a nights sleep!



10:00 - 17:30

The morning takes us to Dalston to meet Charlotte and the crew at A. S. Handovers took grab some gear and drool over all the amazing stuff in the signwriter’s shop of shops. Then it’s back to the studio to take on shading and outlining techniques.

Gilders will spend one evening session making a sexy glass panel design.

Live on site may also be happening on Monday!!

As suitable fresh start type NGS projects roll in.



10:00 - 17:30

LIVE We’re out on site shadowing sign master Nick as he walks through a typical project for real. This really shows you the application of all the strategies for real. You’ll also be going live and assisting the production process.

NOTE: Live projects are subject to change - depending on the project and client. Another learning opportunity.

Gilders Second gild the panel and burnish.

Distressed Lettering Effects Heads-up and trick box.



10:00 - 17:30

Wednesday morning and you have the whole day to work on blending and surface gilding techniques and recap on fine tuning you. We may still have a site project to drop in on and by this time your on-site set-up and start will be second nature.

Day 5 is all about you - you feeling more freedom than ever and pulling new ideas out of the bag. We then do finish strong, celebrate and consume beer.

Gilders Finish off the panel back up and clean.

Wrap and pack.



First objective of this programme is to get your letters super sharp.

Secondly to get your on-site set-up and roll-out skills second nature, so you will impress and gain confidence.

Thirdly to instill all the essential parts of this amazing profession. Central to this sound core is to get your preparation and problem-solving skills into full swing. Dynamic project planning and problem-solving skills are absolutes out there.

Design Thinking: This week WILL move you into a professional high performance mindset. It WILL set you on course doing things the right way. And for a few laughs I will show you also what happens when you do a few key things the wrong way!!


Next step could be the NGS Mini Apprenticeship ADD-ON and/or NGS NCC DIPLOMA ACCREDITATION. The advantage of rolling into further studies is to embed learning material whilst having something valid to add onto a glowing CV.



Meet NEW-PRO Didier


‘Chalky Uk’

Didier Cuzzolin New pro NGS Signsmiths.jpg

About 2 years ago I left my job determined to learn new skills and
eventually start my own sign writing business.

I found Nick's workshop and what caught my attention at the time was the fact he seemed to be the only one to offer a grasp of what life is like out there as a
professional, as opposed to focus solely on the technique to produce
beautiful letters.

Don't worry though, there's plenty of technical
details to be picked up by drawing and painting, listening to Nick and
watching him in action.

What I got out of it, was knowledge, confidence, skills, support and
new pals (Nick himself, and other great people gravitating around the

I'm now working full time as a sign painter and chalkboard writer,
still learning but feeling good and confident.

Thanks buddy,


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On Site Live project
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