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London’s leading signwriter Nick Garrett passes on his 30 years of knowledge, skills and experience through a range of passionately crafted workshops.

Serving a New Generation of Signwriters since 2013 with great signwriting workshops, extended courses and focused training.  

“I am sharing this amazing craft with people like you who want to add to their skills, advance product development and grow work opportunity.  Learning to signwrite is made easier with our open doors policy and comprehensive, organic training. Once you get the harmony going with these brushes everything changes! 


The Signwriting Courses @ NGS Signsmiths


AN Amazing art
A Fresh start


Whether you’re looking to start out as a professional signwriter or heading here to have some fun with paint; we start at the very beginning and build you up, gradient by gradient and step by step. Everyone has the capability to learn how to paint great letters. We’ll get you there!

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LEARN London type: The 3 classic fonts

Get out from behind your computer and paint something beautiful and bold! Experience the true satisfaction of combining your creative prowess with physical hands-on skills. It will enliven your passion for design and change your everyday practice forever.

We will show you the inner bones of London Johnston, Caslon and Gotham type. We’ll add on Shoreditch Dom Casuals and London Romans. Amazing, timeless letterforms that guide our worlds and practice!



Nearly everything you see was built first by a HUMBLE dream, which cherished - became a persistent vision

Fear, trepidation, failure. Then small successes. Hopes, gains and triumphs. To not try for fear of failure is perfectly natural. But it doesn't make the world a more beautiful place to share. We just have to practice and believe. NG


Discover A BIT OF Zen IN signwriting

Signwriting starts with a fair bit of mindfulness. Learn a simple breath meditation trick to help create a steady hand and quiet the mind in order to focus in on those perfect strokes. We share a great relaxation technique during Day 1 to get you centred and all Zen’d up! Happy days.

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Learn the foundations of type

Trajan Roman is 2000 years old and yet the worlds greatest and widely used font today. Way before Fonts and Gutenberg, Roman craftsmen were painting letters with the flat brush, then carving them out of stone. Learning how the alphabet was constructed from a signwriter’s point of view will allow you to truly understand the anatomy of letterforms and spacing.




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