Proper Signwriting Course List

Fun fRESHER lETTERS Weekender course

2 Days

Join our easy paint beginners weekender course and learn having fun on the brush!

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3 Shots Weekender course

2 Days

Join our standard popular weekender course and learn the sharpest going-pro skills.

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5 Star 5 Days

5 Days starting

2 days in studio on the weekender course then a mix of studio and live practice. Keeping it real.

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3X5 Mini


Learn alongside Nick for a total of 3 weeks - 3X5 = 15 days.

Submit your brief intro and area of interest.

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NVQ Level 5 online assessments

Having a certificated area of expertise added to you CV gives any candidate the advantage going forward for ascending career move, higher degree studies and accomplishment.


Delivering team workshops in B2B and EDU institutions across UK and beyond.

Enquiries to

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We have a great local BnB bug comfy local house at 25.00 per night

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