NGS Bones of Painted Letters book

NGS Bones of Painted Letters book


NGS Bones of Painted Letters book now available direct from NGS.

Dave Wrighton

An Excellent Purchase

Where do I start? Well, I am highly impressed with this book. I found it educational as well as interesting.
Nick has taken the time to go into the history as well as the Technics of how to correctly paint the letters.
I must also say that I attended a two-day weekend course at Nick's studio which again was excellent for anyone considering doing sign work of all genre. Thanks Nick.


A perfect manual on how to paint great letters

Painted letters should be clear so their message can easily be read. This book gives instruction so clearly it's the next best to being in the studio with Nick as he infects you with his passion for the craft. History, technique and examples that will drive you to pick up your brushes.


Nick Garrett

A book introducing the London New York and Milan sans-serif letter techniques to the lettering enthusiast.

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