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Glass gilding Day 2

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Pro Skills and Portfolio development

The Mini Apprenticeship immersion courses have been developed to train new writers via the ‘live’ project world, learning from reality.

It’s an amazing experience which will build your writing routine, professional sample portfolio while developing your unique style.

Total timeline: 10 or 15 or 20 days with Specialisation Options and flexible timescales.


About NGS Signwriting London

Module 1 (of 3)

The 5 Star course starts you with the full studio based 5 day course training and 2-3 site based projects.

All the essential skills are imparted in the first 5-10 days.

Applications being taken for the Going Advanced Hot-Pro Lettering course • An intro toward Professional Practice • Get in and learn the trade!!

Sharp Corners Modules and other extended learning reviews include:

  • Sharp Corners part 2

  • Shaded/Blended Blocks

  • Dom Casuals

  • Outlines +Inlines

  • 3D effects

  • Rule breaking

  • Chisel effects

  • How to price your projects

  • Live Site Visit

  • Extended studio practice

  • Surface Gilded letters

  • Learning Summary 1

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Dom Casuals

Versions explained

Module 2

(duration 5 days)

Live Projects

5 days on 2-3 live projects and studio practice fill our time learning by doing. It’s varied and great experience.

Each project will gradually introduce you to easy skills practice such as set up and base coats - finishing touch ins and cleaning up final artworks.

As you develop so you will be taking on more of the on the line work in your own time. It’s all made simple and clearly supported.

  • Refining lettering skills

  • Intro practice for Gilding surfaces

  • Your style review

  • Site Strategy, Project management & Set-up

  • Using Photoshop - Fast, easy design mode

  • Problem solving

  • Materials and HS

  • Pricing strategy

  • Learning Summary 2

  • 3 Panels for Portfolio

10 Days in Studio £1150 • 10 Days Studio+Live inc.


Ghost signs

History in the Making

Module 3

(Duration 5 days)

Live Project - Studio technique refinement - Gilding intro

Another 1-2 days on live projects (maybe more) and studio practice with refinement of lettering skills maintained.

Gilding is shown as an intro and explained with intro to reverse glass gilding and our very own ‘closed door’ Victorian mirrored gold finish. For deeper study and practice please select the Gilding module.

  • Advanced techniques

  • Ghost sign intro (Specialisation offered)

  • Gilding surfaces

  • Preparation

  • Kit care

  • Marketing

  • New trend development

  • Going pro

15 Days in Studio • 10 Days Studio+Live inc.



Glass Gilding Specialisation

5 Days full immersion

Live with NGS Signwriting

  • Design

  • Outlining

  • Shading

  • 2 tone Florentine gilding

  • Distressed gold

  • Panel to take home

Extra 5 Days gilding study £750-1150 • 3-5 panels c3 books of gold leaf inc.

Ghost Sign Specialisation

5 Days full immersion

  • Single layers

  • 3 ways of authentic distress

  • Multi layers

  • Driftwood

  • Washed out

  • Applications

Extra 5 Days techniques study £750

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your Learning


Learning reviews help students grasp and reflect on that depth and range of learning with Nick.