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Ethos of equal opportunities


What’s incredibly important to us is a sense of access to knowledge and opportunity.

Our 100% disclosure applies to the whole gamut of this signcraft.

When I started out in the 80s there was by comparison to today, very little knowledge sharing unless you were lucky enough to have landed an apprenticeship or place at building college. The old guard and male dominated era is well behind us now as a new generation of graphic designers see it as a perfectly natural addition to their field of study or expertise.

NGS has proudly trained the majority of new breed of signwriters and seeks to add to the roster of studies with NVQ modules that will carry weight to any CV and enable all to go to the next level.

Open policy applies and includes:

  • Access to all knowledge, materials and supplies

  • Related events, partners and associations

  • Organic skills development

  • Pricing and marketing guidance

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Signwriting student
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Student with their masterpiece