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BECAUSE YOU ARE SPECIAL AND WE ARE SPECIALISTS… we constantly refine our method to suit

Casual letters are great to get you whizzing around with your brush on Day 1.

Casual letters are great to get you whizzing around with your brush on Day 1.

Yep the mighty Roman letter is still the bricks and mortar of truly fine lettering but we use that as reference so you can keep your new style to the fore. Trajan is the most popular font in the world… and it pays well to learn how to write it but not be in awe of it.

That said we have some awesome posters as handouts that really smooth the way forward for you when drawing up type for example. Check out the sheets below…

These are introduced with tidy demos, detailing each segment and some cool variations introduced along the way.

learner centred

As an instructor I always look at what coming out from you in terms of design style. I will pick up on that and hook in relevant material to really give you the jump.

With Disco Dickens for example I sensed she really loved Dom casuals - so I just ditched the Romans and gave her the Dom magic. Now she’s really making it her own statement.

Dom Casuals also get you really comfortable on the brush

Dom Casuals also get you really comfortable on the brush


Below: the Cutform gals from Switzerland showing their super skills on the recent focus group 5 dayer.


Above: Our freebie bespoke typographic drafting posters help ease you into the new skills with clear logical examples.

Progress is often easy, met with challenges along the way of course… but I keep it all cool for you in the studio with expertise shared in the right way and group learning chats. Every cloud has a golden lining!

Fandango Kid was not happy with the results she was getting with the stroke practice and size 5-6 custom made writing brush. So I felt she needed the Italian Surefire lettering brush, which in fact is a really advanced brush… but she took it and was immediately AMAZING!!!!

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Flexible with your lifestyle

Good Teaching is all we do

Because I teach both structurally and intuitively I prioritise feeding into where you’re at. It making new ideas fit snug and dovetail in to you’re own way and way forward. I place a great deal of importance in this approach to teaching and this amazing role, more so than a lot of NGS project writing in fact.

Striving for excellence

At NGS we listen and re-design the way we deliver courses constantly - the difference is teaching with sound methods, our attention to detail and putting students first stand out. Good mechanics and preparation is King.

Students always come first and we’re mindful of their hopes and objectives.

Have a beautiful run up to the joining the Signsmiths!

Nick Garrett